ISO/IEC 17025 new version 2017


ISO 17025: 2017

ISO 17025 is a quality standard for testing and calibration laboratories. The current release was published in 2017. The need to gain ISO 17025 compliance and accreditation impacts many laboratories.

Laboratories use ISO 17025 to implement a quality system aimed at improving their ability to consistently produce valid results. It is also the basis for accreditation from an accreditation body.

A prerequisite for a laboratory to become accredited is to have a documented quality system. We provide ISO 17025 implementation packages which help in writing the required documentation and assist with implementation of the accreditation requirements.

For the introduction of the ISO 17025 standard, you need:
- an quality manual
- procedures
- quality records

Our package will help you implement your quality system at a fraction of the cost and time you have probably thought it would take.

- contains a quality manual, procedures and quality records that comply with ISO 17025
- written in standard Microsoft Word
- covers all sections and subsections of the ISO 17025 standard
- document titles and numbers exactly match the standard
- defines a baseline system that satisfies ISO 17025 requirements
- provides model of a quality system that is natural simple and free from excessive paperwork
- will save much time in typing alone
- Price: USD 350

Further information

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- the quality manual
- the procedures
- the quality records

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